Reminder on Epidemic Prevention and Control during Winter Vacation

14 January 2021

Dear colleagues and students,

Good day to you!

The winter break (beginning from 4 February 2021) is approaching and many of you may have plans to leave campus or Zhuhai. While the pandemic of COVID-19 is yet to be contained worldwide, the number of domestic infected cases unfortunately is also on the rise.  As per the advice and instruction of the local government, the College will firmly enforce epidemic control measures as to reduce infection risks and to protect the health of all staff and students.  Hence, please be reminded of the following issues:

1. Students will be scheduled to leave and return to campus in an orderly manner

In accordance with the epidemic control measures, students should leave campus in a staggered and orderly manner. The College is required to report to local authorities of the destination of students during the term break. Please login to MIS SURVEY to register the details of your travel plans ( With reference to the Academic Calendar, the new semester will officially start on 22 February. Detailed arrangements for students of different years to return to campus will be announced in due course. Students, except those who have already obtained the permission from the College to stay on campus for the whole vacation, are prohibited from returning to campus before receiving confirmation from the College.

2. Students who are from medium to high risk areas are advised to stay on campus

Unless it is absolutely necessary, students who reside in medium to high risk areas of the epidemic are strongly advised by the College to stay on campus during the winter vacation.  For students of this category, please register with the MIS SURVEY on or before January 17. The College will ensure the proper provision of all essential services, for example, catering, lodging, etc.

3. Retain daily health-tracking

All staff and students are requested to complete online health-tracking records on a daily basis. Your cooperation is highly appreciated as the College is required to maintain proper records. Failing to do so may lead to the implementation of more stringent epidemic control measures on UIC upon re-opening of the campus.

4. Personal protection

Everyone should step up self-protection, maintaining good habits of always wearing a mask in public areas, washing hands frequently and keeping social distancing. Please avoid visiting crowded places and refrain from group gatherings.

5. Avoid unnecessary travelling

To comply with the epidemic control measures of the local government, unnecessary travel is not supported, especially a trip to medium to high risk areas and overseas. Should you need to travel, itinerary must be reasonably arranged with good knowledge of the local epidemic situations in advance.  Likewise masks, hand disinfectants and other personal protection items should be prepared.

6. Avoid large-scale gatherings

Private family gatherings should be limited to 10 persons. Those who are with symptoms such as cough and fever are strongly advised not to participate in any social activities. Physical exercises of 2 hours or more every day is considered helpful to strengthen our immune system.

For more detailed epidemic control measures, please refer to the emails which will be sent respectively by the Student Affairs Office, the Academic Registry and the Human Resources Office.  The College hopes that all parents, staff and students will work together to fight the epidemic.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact the units concerned via the following emails:

Student Affairs Office:,

Academic Registry:, and

Human Resources Office:

With Best Regards,

President and College Office

Last Updated:January 15, 2021