Announcement on the 15th Anniversary Celebration of UIC

Dear Colleagues and Students,

On 21 October 2005, UIC held its First Opening Ceremony with 274 students in attendance.

Fifteen years have gone by, and significant changes have happened at UIC. Physically, the College has grown in size from 133,000 square metres to 567,000 square metres. Educationally, UIC now offers 25 programmes, instead of the original five. More recently, we have begun offering Postgraduate Programmes, including Taught Postgraduate Programmes as well as Research Postgraduate Programmes leading to MPhil or PhD degrees. Undergraduate Programmes, of course, remain the backbone of our education in which we have made enormous strides in programme design, workforce building, educational advancement and most of all, the calibre of our students. Without a doubt, UIC has become a model for full-scale cooperation in higher education.

The years might have gone by, but UIC has remained steadfast in its mission. We have stayed true to our belief in the value of liberal arts and whole-person education. We insist on upholding our social responsibility and the advancement of science and technology. We put our faith in community service and knowledge transfer for the betterment of our society. Not only do we not deviate from our original mission, but we are also going at it full-throttle.

It is, therefore, with great pride, colleagues and students, that we announce the commencement of our official celebration of UIC’s 15th anniversary. With this announcement, we are also simultaneously launching our anniversary celebration logo and the relevant website:

Let us come together in joy to mark this milestone and reaffirm our endeavours in advancing the cause of education in the years ahead.

With Best Regards,

President and College Office

Last Updated:October 30, 2020