A new age calls for a new model of education. As the nation’s first liberal arts college, UIC came into being in 2005 in the beautiful city of Zhuhai, becoming the first joint-venture institution of higher education in the dynamic Greater Bay Area. I have been given the honour of leading this college as its Second President.

Students are at the heart of liberal arts education. The joy and job of turning them into bicultural and bifocal talents for the new era has fallen into our laps. To this end, UIC has created its own unique culture: international, multicultural, innovative and curiosity-driven. This unique character is defined by its English language instruction, small-class teaching and a curriculum that is aligned with the highest international standards. It is little wonder that we are among the nation’s leaders in the proportion of graduates heading overseas for further education. That said, we are also tied to the umbilical cord of Chinese culture, with a passion for our heritage and history. Our country’s DNA is deeply embedded in each and every one of our students.

The pillar supporting liberal arts education is of course our teachers. Their duty, first and foremost, is to open hearts and minds. They are our treasured assets. As president, I solemnly pledge that I will redouble my efforts to attract more high-caliber teachers for our charges. I, for one, also believe that innovative research will energize quality teaching as well as benefit our industry partners. In bidding for provincial and national research projects, we will also pursue our own special research interests. All this intense research activity is sure to lead to the full flowering of the professional disciplines in our institution.

With the Zhuhai government firmly in our corner, we have embarked on the 2nd Phase of our campus development. When completed, it will give the city a green campus that will last for many many years. Happily, the historical village of Huitong, flanked on either side by Phase I and Phase II of our campus, is set to become a university town that will be quite unique in Asia.

This once fledgling college, now 15 years old, is reaching maturity. To students from near and far, we open our arms wide in welcome. Come and experience this innovative liberal arts education that has been lovingly created for you. Come grow with us in Zhuhai that is ready for you and your dream. 


TANG Tao, Chair Professor
President of UIC
Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences