UIC's Math Zone to inspire future mathematicians

During the 2021 UIC National Forum for Secondary School Principals, more than 100 guests visited UIC’s Math Zone. The Math Zone has been designed to develop an interest in maths amongst students, with the guide of Zhuhai Scientific and Technological Innovation Bureau, the support of teams of experts, and cooperation with technological enterprises.

The Math Zone provides experiential popular science education of mathematics and contains four functional sectors: Artificial Intelligent (AI) interactive exhibition sector, open experiential sector, educational toys sector, and sand table classroom sector.


Math Zone

Guests visit the Math Zone




3D printing


Exhibition of famous mathematicians



The former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Mathematical Sciences of Beijing Normal University, and founder of Philomath Education, Prof Li Jianhua; professor of School of Mathematical Sciences Xiamen University Prof Lin Ya’nan shared and communicated their ideas with other guests.

Prof Li Jianhua introduced a teaching toy called Mige with Random Tile Principle to the guests. Prof Lin Ya’nan shared his opinion on the roles and values of educational toys in practical teaching. Several guests expressed their affirmation to the Math Zone.

UIC’s President, Prof Tang Tao, who strived for UIC’s math popular science among children and teenagers, considered it essential to cultivate their curiosity. In addition, he hoped to make mathematics enjoyable through advanced technologies such as 3D printing and AI.


President Tang Tao

As a significant popular science base of mathematics, Math Zone, located in UIC’s teaching building T3-108, is planned to open in June and launch regular math courses and events for primary and middle schools. In addition, it will promote the original studies on mathematics as well as other fundamental subjects, and strengthen the cooperation with primary and middle schools, to build up teenagers’ enthusiasm and correct understanding of math. 


Reporter: Du Jiewen
Photographer: Ji Yihan
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Zhang Fan

Last Updated:June 7, 2021