UIC welcomes new intake of undergraduate students

Published on 23 August 2022

UIC started the orientation for new undergraduates on 18 August 2022. More than 2000 first-year students set out on their unique journeys in Zhuhai.

The College adopted full-scale anti-epidemic measures to protect the health of all students and staff.



UIC adopts full-scale anti-epidemic measures to protect the health of all students and staff

Over 110 student volunteers were on site to help the first-year students with their luggage, transportation, accommodation, registration and more, ensuring all new students' needs were appropriately addressed.



Students volunteers offer instant help to freshmen

The first-year students had chosen their preferred rooms by the mid of August, and the hostels were well-prepared to welcome their new residents with lovely decorations and souvenirs.

UIC's dormitories

Acting Chief Student Affairs Officer, Warden of Global Education Hall Dr Shawn Tang, and Associate Warden of Global Education Hall Dr Sara Wong give out souvenirs to a student

Later, according to the Mentor Caring Programme (MCP), new students were grouped to meet their teachers and peers, who would help them adapt to college life more smoothly.

Next, they would participate in activities including the school's open day, military training, meetings with deans and teachers, English Enhancement Programme (EEP) and more.

Several freshmen shared their reasons for choosing UIC. They said they were impressed and attracted by UIC's liberal arts education, high-quality lecturers and professors, and international environment.


Bao Shuhan

First-year student

From Communication Studies

Half Entrance Scholarship


Zhang Qing

First-year student

From Communication Studies

Full Entrance Scholarship

Gan Yushi

First-year student

From Applied Mathematics

Half Entrance Scholarship


Cheng Yan

First-year student

From Applied Economics

Half Entrance Scholarship


Lin Zhengjun and Lin Zhengqi (twins)

First-year student

From Computer Science and Technology


Huang Zixin

First-year student

From Business and Management

Full Entrance Scholarship


Li Jiaxuan

First-year student

From Statistics

Half Entrance Scholarship


Pu Yipan

First-year student

From Communication Studies

Having received an offer from the University of Toronto

UIC's new Chinese students this year come from 28 provinces as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are also international students from the United States, Malaysia, India, Belarus, the Philippines and Ukraine.

Besides UIC's offer, some hold offers from leading universities outside of China, such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, Australian National University and the University of Manchester.



Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photographer: Season Li, Cecilia Yu, Kristen Jin, Whitney Wang 

(some photos provided by the interviewees and SAO)

Editor: Deen He

Updated on 2 September 2022