Notice on Optimizing Campus Pandemic Prevention and Control Measures

Published on 8 December 2022

8 December 2022

Dear colleagues and students,

In connection with current pandemic situation and in alignment with the latest directives of authorities. Starting from 8 December 2022, the campus pandemic prevention and control measures has been optimized as follows:

1. All personnel are advised not to leave the campus or Zhuhai unless absolutely necessary. It is not required to check the COVID-19 test result upon entry to the campus; however, measures including travelling green code, temperature checking and wearing masks are still implemented. Visitors should seek prior approval from inviting units and hold a 48-hour negative COVID-test result upon the campus entry. Inviting units should bear the responsibility of inviting visitors into campus.

2. All personnel who have left Zhuhai and returned to campus for the first time should seek prior approval and implement 3 tests done within 3 days.  Those who have travelling history to high-low risk areas should comply with the health measures as required.  It is encouraged to commute only between home and campus and to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

3. The COVID-19 testing point at T5 will be cancelled.  If staff and students need to get a test done, please kindly head to the testing sites set by the communities.

All staff and students are strongly advised to continue to comply with the pandemic prevention and control measures, keep wearing masks and personal hygiene, wash hands regularly and ventilate frequently, get vaccinated, avoid unnecessary gathering and jointly guard the safety of our campus.

With Best Regards,

College Pandemic Prevention and Control Team

Updated on 9 December 2022