Announcement: Adjustment on Campus Access Management

Published on 20 July 2022

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Good evening. In light with the latest instructions from the local authorities, access to College premises is adjusted as follows, starting from 6:30pm 20 July 2022:

1. Close-end management is strictly implemented. Personnel including visitors are not allowed to enter the campus unless approved.  For travelling outside Zhuhai, applications for prior approval must be submitted. Please pay heed to notice from HRO and allforhealth mailbox for detailed arrangements.

2. All entrances and exits will be on 24-hour guard.  All personnel must present a 48-hour valid negative COVID-19 test result done in Zhuhai/Zhongshan, show your GHC and travelling code, get your temperature checked and wear a mask upon entry. If everything is in order, you may then proceed to enter.  Such arrangement will be updated from time to time.

3. The College shall adjust the implementation measures in light with the latest directives from the local authorities and the evolving situation. Please stay tuned for further notification.  In case of emergency, please contact the following duty lines: MHEO 13928025919, Campus Security 13697774141.

The pandemic is yet to be contained, please continue to practice personal hygiene, keep social distancing and avoid any unnecessary gatherings. All are encouraged to participate in COVID-19 testing as required and to cooperate with the prevention and control measures implemented by the College.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

With Best Regards,

UIC Pandemic Prevention and Control Team

Updated on 21 July 2022