Advisers counsel DHSS development

The seventh Advisory Committee meeting of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS) was held at UIC on 27 May. External advisers attended the meeting online and put forward professional suggestions on the development of DHSS.


External advisers include President of DHSS Advisory Committee, adviser to UIC Media and Communication Studies Programme, and Director of MA in Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof Steve Guo; Chair Professor of Department of English at the University of Macau, Prof Sun Yifeng; Director of Sustainability at NEXTracker Inc. Ms Sarah Miriam Albert; and the Director of the Research Office at the Open University of Hong Kong, Dr Li Kam Cheong.

UIC members include Associate Vice President (Internationalization) of UIC and the Dean of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof Adrian Bailey; Associate Dean (Research and Development) of DHSS, Prof Simon Zhao; Associate Dean (Learning, Teaching, and Student Experience) of DHSS, Dr Charles Lowe; Director of Applied Translation Studies Programme, Dr Qian Hong; Director of English Language and Literature Studies Programme, Prof John Corbett; Director of Globalisation and Development Programme, Dr Edoardo Monaco; Director of Media and Communication Studies Programme, Dr Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman; Director of Public Relations & Advertising Programme, Dr Richard Xu; Director of Social Work & Social Administration Programme, Dr Kam Tong Chan; and Programme Director of Master of Arts in Communication - Communication Studies Concentration, Dr Chally Lim.

Prof Adrian Bailey introduced the faculty, the development of graduates, achievements made by students in competitions and faculty's research results to the Committee. In addition, he introduced the five-year development plan of DHSS in detail, before mentioning that DHSS would keep in line with UIC and enhance its research capability and competitiveness.


Prof Adrian Bailey

Subsequently, the director of each programme introduced the improvements made by the programme.

President of the DHSS Advisory Committee, Prof Steve Guo, shared his teaching experience in UIC and commended the rapid development of UIC. He suggested that DHSS invite more international scholars to give lectures and seminars to enhance UIC's international influence.

Prof Sun Yifeng suggested that DHSS strengthen its research capability, set up personal research files for teachers and students, and attend more academic conferences. Ms Sarah Miriam Albert advised that all programmes should pay attention to graduates' employment, focus more on cultivating students' data analysis ability, and make corresponding adjustments in the curriculum.


Reporter: Xia Meng

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang

Last Updated:June 11, 2021