The Opening Ceremony of UIC Tennis Country Club

With the assistance and support of UIC's alumnus and friends from all sectors, UIC Education Foundation (UICEF) has set up the UIC Tennis Funds. They upgraded the tennis facilities and expanded the high-quality hard courts from two to six with a state-of-art lighting system, fulfilling the requirements for holding professional sports events. Apart from the teaching needs, UIC established the Tennis Country Club, which presents UIC's image of a university town and fulfils tennis lovers' needs.



On 27 April 2021 morning, the opening ceremony of the UIC Tennis Country Club was held in Sports Park.


Opening ceremony

Deputy Director-General of Zhuhai Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, and President of Zhuhai All Sports Federation, Mr Wu Xiangming; the Deputy Director of Zhuhai Zhuhai High-tech Zone management committee, Mr Zhou Huogen; Chairman of Board of the Dongshen Enterprises Group, Mr Xu Qingbin; Chairman of Board of Zhuhai Dahua new materials Co., Ltd, Mr Qiao Guanghui; and the General Manager of Zhuhai Liyan'ang Culture Communication Co Ltd and UIC's alumni, Mr Xie Minghao attended the ceremony. UIC President and Chairman of UICEF Prof Tang Tao; UIC Vice President (Administration) and Chairman of the UICEF board of directors Prof Mao Yaqing; Associate Vice President (Student Development), Prof Stella Cho; Assistant to UIC President and Secretary-General of UICEF, Ms Li Ningning; Director of Whole Person Education Office Prof Guo Haipeng attended the ceremony.


Guests on the site

Mr Zhou Huogen: increase the vitality of the university town

Mr Zhou Huogen said in his speech that UIC embraced an innovative, coordinative, green and opened growth in Zhuhai Gaoxin District. Besides, Sports Park fulfils the teaching needs in the university town. UIC has introduced a professional management team and learned from advanced operation experience at home and abroad. They are trying to lead the college tennis level, increase the vitality of the university town, and boost the development of sports culture in Zhuhai. 

Mr Zhou Huogen

Prof Guo Haipeng: promote the development of tennis

Prof Guo Haipeng explained that UIC's tennis facilities had developed a lot due to the assistance and support of UICEF, Chair member of the Board Mr Xu Qingjing, and alumni Mr Xie Minghao. The Club will promote tennis and become the venue for Whole Person Education (WPE) courses of Sports Culture, Voluntary Service, Environmental Awareness, etc. 

Prof Guo Haipeng

The efforts of Mr Xie Haoming, who graduated from the UIC Social Work and Social Administration Programme in 2017, are essential to establishing UIC Tennis Country Club. Mr Xie Minghao, who used to be a member of UIC's tennis team, is now a qualified professional tennis coach. Mr Xie Minghao actively promoted the establishment of UIC Tennis Funds, and he made contributions to the construction and operation of the Club.


President Tang receiving a professional tennis racket made by the National Women's Tennis Team by Mr Xie Minghao


Newly appointed Director of the UIC Tennis Country Club, Tang Derui, got awarded a letter of appointment by Mr Xu Qingbin (left)

Highlights from the ceremony

Reporter: Du Jiewen
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang

Last Updated:May 4, 2021