Initiatives encourage faculty research

Since the implementation of several incentive measures for the application of research funds in UIC, the enthusiasm of teachers to apply for scientific research has been significantly improved. In 2020, more scientific research had been successfully applied from UIC, and the category and quantity of projects approved have made a landmark breakthrough.

On 11 and 25 November, to maintain the development momentum, sharing sessions of research fund application in the field of Science and Technology, as well as Humanities and Social Sciences, were respectively held in UIC. Teachers shared their experience in fund application, paper publishing, etc., and numbers of UIC's incentive policies for fund application have been introduced.

UIC Vice President (Research and Development) Prof Jia Weijia shared his experience in applying for NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China), as well as transferring from the study of arts subjects to science subjects. He regarded UIC's Liberal Arts Education very beneficial for teachers to apply for Humanities and Social Science related fund projects.


Prof Jia Weijia sharing his experience in applying for NSFC

UIC Registrar Prof Li Jianhui stated that in the new semester, the college had adopted a series of incentive policies for scientific research. These incentives include increasing the funds for on-campus fund projects, providing start-up funds for new teachers' scientific research, etc., which mostly enhanced teachers' enthusiasm for conducting scientific research.


Prof Li hosting the sessions and sharing his experience

In 2020, a total of four UIC projects were funded by NSFC. Among the list of approved key scientific research platforms and projects established by universities in Guangdong province, 14 UIC projects have been approved, including one key laboratory, five special projects in key fields, three characteristic innovation projects, and five young innovative talents projects.


Prof Zhang Hui sharing the guidelines of applying for NSFC


Dr Alice Man Wa Hui sharing his personal experience


Dr Chen Donglong analyzing the key points during the application of NSFC

At the sharing session regarding the application for scientific research fund of Science and Technology, three teachers from the Division of Science and Technology shared their experience in the scientific research project application. Prof Zhang Hui, Dr Alice Hu and Dr Chen Donglong, respectively received the fund of NSFC in 2020.


Prof Holger Briel sharing his experience in paper publishing


Prof Li Yu analyzing the difficulties in the application of Humanities and Social Science funds of the Ministry of Education

At the sharing session regarding the application for scientific research fund of Humanities and Social Science, UIC Registrar Prof Li Jianhui, Deen of Division of Culture and Creativity Prof Holger Briel, and Division of Science and Technology Research Fellow Dr Li Yu discussed the guidelines, key points and difficulties in applying for NSFC.


From Research Development and Knowledge Transfer Office and MPRO
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Xia Meng


10 December 2020