UIC students embrace new changes in new semester

Published on 5 September 2022

UIC's new semester has begun. The campus is full of vigour again. In classrooms, the library, sports complex and canteens, students are spotted everywhere on the campus, as energetic as always.

UIC students have their first class



UIC students work hard in the library for the new semester



UIC students participate in sports activities actively

UIC students dine in the canteen

UIC adopts full-scale anti-epidemic measures to protect the health of all students and staff

Since this academic year, UIC has adjusted its academic structure to meet its fast development needs. The new structure will keep aligning with international practices and standards and improve academic planning, providing better liberal arts education to its students.

Teaching buildings of UIC

Building on the existing scaffolding, the four Academic Divisions will be retitled and defined as Faculties/Schools, namely the Faculty of Business and Management, the School of Culture and Creativity, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Departments covering different disciplines in the Faculty/School will be set up to oversee programme operation and academic planning. The existing programmes will stay intact and will be housed under respective departments.

Another four teaching units, namely the English Language Centre, the Whole Person Education Office, the Chinese Language and Culture Centre, and the General Education Office, will be grouped and renamed to form a new School of General Education.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Photographers: Season Li, Deng Kaixin, Cecilia Yu

Editor: Deen He

Updated on 6 September 2022