[People of UIC] Meet Dong Yijiao: Not afraid to learn from "trial and error"

Dong Yijiao, a Cinema and Television student, has received an offer to study for a Master's in Film Studies at King's College London in the UK.


Dong Yijiao

Yijiao has been determined to develop her academic path in the field of film and television since senior high school. After this summer, she would be studying Film Studies at King's College London. For her past four years of college, she concluded that UIC is where one can constantly do "trial and error" and enhance oneself.
During her college years, she attended various excellent film exhibitions and forums, enjoyed different classic films, and gained professional knowledge.


Dong Yijiao has attended various film exhibitions

Additionally, UIC's liberal arts education has provided her with a rich academic experience and has inspired her to try new things. Through professional courses in film and television, Yijiao has been involved in directing, screenwriting, film production, film shooting and has experienced different positions in a real crew. It is also the diversified curriculum that helps her determine her future academic path in Film Studies.


Dong Yijiao (second row, first from the left) participating in the summer programme at Oxford University

Yijiao has once worked as an intern at the industry giant Tencent. As a result, she has gained precious experience in coordinating work and cooperating with others. She later applied her experience accumulated during an internship into the preparation work of UIC events.


Dong Yijiao working as an intern at Tencent

This year, she served as the vice president of the organising committee of the 24 Frames & Creative Media Festival, working with 180 members of the operating team. With the successful holding of the event, Yijiao also gained a great sense of accomplishment.


Dong Yijiao (second from right) taking a photo with her team members after the 24 Frames & Creative Media Festival

In the process of doing "trial and error", Yijiao has made many important choices. She said that she might not continue her academic path in the field of film and television in the future. However, no matter what the choice is, it would be a crucial and colourful part of her life exploration journey.

Yijiao suggests that students make full use of their free time to try new things, and it is always okay to make mistakes. This method may sound clumsy, but it could help better enhance oneself.


Reporter: Xia Meng

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang

Last Updated:June 4, 2021
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