UIC undergrads publish papers in international journals

Published on 21 September 2022

Publication is never easy for college students. However, at UIC, many sparkling academic paper authors were cultivated in its liberal arts education atmosphere.

Tan Yongqi, a fresh graduate from UIC's Food Science and Technology Programme, is about to publish her paper as the first author in an SCI Journal.

Her final year project during her undergraduate study, "Chemical Profiles and Health-promoting Effects of Porcini Mushroom (Boletus edulis): A Narrative Review", has been accepted by Food Chemistry, an international journal in the field of Food Science, and it is expected to be published in October 2022.


The paper summarized the research results on porcini mushrooms in the past 20 years and suggested the future practical use of porcini in food and health products.


Tan Yongqi

Ding Ziyi and Yao Chengxi, two third-year students majoring in Public Relations and Advertising, published an article in an International SSCI peer-reviewed journal, Media International Australia (MIA) in June 2022, titled as "Book Review: Women in PR History by Anastasios Theofilou".


Ding and Yao focused on the book, Women in PR History, and both believed that reading it could help them learn about women's contribution to the PR industry and reflect on current social issues.


Yao Chengxi (second from left) and Ding Ziyi (third from left)

UIC's fresh graduates from the English Language and Literature Studies Programme presented five papers at the International Conference on Open and Innovative Education 2022 (ICOIE 2022), and they were:  Mai Jiayi, Yang Yi, Huang Jingyuan, Chen Xuanying and Zheng Yuning. Mai won the Best Student Paper Award.


Mai Jiayi publishes her paper online


Yang Yi publishes her paper online


Huang Jingyuan publishes her paper online


Chen Xuanying publishes her paper online


Zheng Yuning publishes her paper online

Mai's thesis, "Effects of English-medium Instruction on Students' Willingness to Communicate in L2 in EMI Universities", adopted quantitative and qualitative research methods to carry out the research in the field of second language communication willingness.


Mai Jiayi wins the Best Student Paper Award

ICOIE 2022 received more than 110 papers from 22 countries and regions, and more than 70 teachers and students from Chinese and foreign universities were invited to present their research results at the conference.


Reporter: Liang Qianning

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Updated on 21 September 2022