UIC student wins Best Student Paper Award at ICOIE 2022

Published on 28 July 2022

Five UIC's fourth-year students presented their papers online at the 2022 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2022) held in Hong Kong from 13 to 15 July, and Mai Jiayi won the Best Student Paper Award.

The conference organiser announces the winner of the Best Student Paper Award: Mai Jiayi 

The ICOIE 2022 provided a professional platform to discuss open and innovative teaching and learning topics. It received over 110 paper submissions from 22 countries. More than 70 scholars, teachers and students from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and overseas attended the conference.

The five UIC students were Mai Jiayi, Yang Yi, Huang Jingyuan, Chen Xuanying and Zheng Yuning, fresh graduates from UIC's English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) programme. The research papers they presented were their final year projects, focusing on innovative practices in English language teaching and learning.

The students all found it very rewarding to attend the ICOIE 2022.

Mai expressed her gratitude to UIC's teachers: "I was very excited and surprised to receive the award. My supervisor, Dr Freek Olaf de Groot, is a genuinely learned person. I also thank Dr Edith Yan for her encouragement and support."

Mai Jiayi presents her research paper

Huang said: "By attending the conference, I hope to raise public awareness about the uneven distribution of English education resources and to promote the development of early childhood bilingual education in China." She also appreciated Dr Juyoung Lee, Dr Edith Yan and Dr Jackie Yoeh for their guidance.

Huang Jingyuan presents her research paper

Yang said other participants' research methods inspired her during the conference. Besides, she said, her article and presentation were significantly improved thanks to her supervisor Dr Edith Yan.

Yang Yi presenting her research paper

Chen cherished the experience as well. She said: "After this presentation, I know better how to polish my presentation to fit the theme. Also, I want to express my special thanks to my project supervisor, Dr Jackie Yeoh and Dr Edith Yan."

Chen Xuanying presenting her research paper

Zheng said she was honoured to share her findings on learning motivation mechanisms at the conference, and hearing different academic viewpoints broadened her mind.

Zheng Yuning presenting her research paper


Reporter: Mai Jiayi 

Editor: Edith Yan, Cecilia Yu, Deen He

Updated on 29 July 2022