A total of 14 projects from UIC were approved funding by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province as they are listed among the 2020 key scientific research platforms and projects in higher education of Guangdong.

UIC's funded projects included one key laboratory, five special projects in key fields, three innovative projects, and five projects for distinguished young talents. UIC has made a significant breakthrough in terms of the variety and quantity of the funded projects.

All of the above-mentioned projects will be included in the corresponding projects of UIC under the University Innovation and Enhancement Project of Guangdong Province. UIC has received the funding for six consecutive years, and this year, it reached a new peak of 9.84 million RMB.

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Previously, UIC staff members received funding from the 2020 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). (Read more: Four DST faculty earn NSFC funding for projects)

Teaching and research are the core driving forces of universities. In recent years, UIC staff have undertaken various research projects for the government as well as industry-university-research projects. It set up internal research funds to cultivate research projects and key laboratories. UIC has also set up the President's Award for Teaching and Service as well as the President's Award for Research to encourage outstanding teachers in teaching and research.

Editors: Samuel, Burgess, Deen He, Ma Yiran