Invitation to CTL T&L Activity #1_April 2, 10:00 - 11:30 am

Speaker: Prof. Samuel Shen (Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, San Diego State University,

Topic: Do we need to modernize the university mathematics courses?

Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am, April 2 (Fri)

Venue: via ZOOM

Audience: UIC Staff /Students , HKBU staff, Guests


The service courses of a typical department of mathematical sciences may include calculus, linear algebra, basic statistics, differential equations, and computer programming. These courses teach mathematics as a series of isolated and unrelated subjects. The curriculum has little relevance to a major such as food science, and the pace of learning mathematics is too slow to meet the needs of the courses in the major subjects. Present day students are unable to see how mathematics is used to solve "real-world" problems in their major fields. Do we need to modernize the university mathematics courses to address these issues? Taking the advantage of technology, we propose an approach of integrated learning of math for calculus, linear algebra, statistics, data science, and computer programing. The modernized course may be named Higher Mathematics, or X Mathematics for major X, e.g., Environmental Math or Financial Mathematics. This presentation will share our experience with the integrated approach and the possible difficulties in the modernization process of math courses.Students are particularly welcome!

UIC Staff & Students                                       HKBU Staff / Guests

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